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The Most Popular Zoo Travel in Switzerland - Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo in Switzerland was opened in 1874, allowing it as one of the oldest zoos in operation today rank. The zoo is, in fact, attracted the second most visited in all of Switzerland. Over 6000 animals in this popular destination in Switzerland, including the dwarf hippopotami Somolian wild ass there! 

Basel Zoo in 12 acres, about 24 acres of lush parkland in the heart of city is located. You are more likely to see their animals with the design opportunities. This guide will help you find your way round and gives you a wide range of information about various aspects of zoo life. It is designed to stimulate your imagination, try to stay in the zoo We provide enjoyable and lasting memories of your visit. Additional information can be information boards located in each area by the zoo around found. 

Basel Zoo enjoyable experience to every climate and every season. Watch the awakening of nature in spring and see all the baby animals, or let their children were close to zoo animals in our children. Whether under the trees standing in the cold watching elephants summer heat, the closest relatives we studied monkeys in the house, immersing themselves in the midst of coral reefs and the Amazon in vivarium warm in winter, or enjoying the interactive exhibits home Gamgoas, Basel Zoo offers you an exciting experience at any time of year. 

Baby Animals 

Please input the information boards. The baby animals that you can be seen day visit to tell. 


Great self-service buffet restaurant they provide a wide selection of dishes, right in the middle of the zoo is located. There is ample seating inside and outside the prison under the plane trees, with a view of the elephant enclosure. Their full-service restaurant on the first floor. From the terrace you fantastic panoramic view over the main entrance to the cafeteria zoo.The enjoy our complete selection of meals and snacks with a range of ice cream, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks. There is covered outdoor seating for a picnic in front of the zoo restaurant. 

Resting animals - they lazy? 

Animals may spend much of their time resting. Nature in the films we are given false notion of a pet day is speed. Documentary shows us an action packed scene after another, living wild animals' to be displayed in prominent so that we can be as many aspects of behavior and lifestyle might see. Visiting the zoo is quite the opposite. Here you will discover that the rest is an important job for wild animals is not a sign of fatigue. Rest goals, like many energy efficiency, chewing cud, or relax after an activity. Some of the most important activities like lazing around look, for example when filling your brooch pelicans, elephants mud baths or the crocodiles are in the sun. A Closer Look at "bored" Animals! 

Feeding time - visitors should not feed animals 

Our animals are fed throughout the zoo is prohibited. 
To each animal species - we have over 600! - Proper diet demands specialized knowledge. Visitors feed the animals interact with the control diet, and put animal health at risk. 
Feeding time in certain areas in the text to be shown. Some species - especially the large carnivores - they purposely took different days so they are not normally accustomed to be fed. 

All about building sites, finance and running a zoo. 

Basel Zoological Garden adhere to a zoo and aquariums around the world, nature conservation strategies. This means that the maintenance of the zoo animals in their ideal conditions, as well as education and public information. 

In Zolli (zoo), as the zoo is that we love the people known as Basel, you may be in the building site, get in your way as you walk around this beautiful garden animals find. However, these sites keep part of the building to the zoo the day. Knowledge of wild animals lifestyle, social and biological communities Zoo is growing rapidly. Why the Basel Zoo is constantly monitoring the conditions under which animals are kept and make them compatible with the animals and visitors need the following: 

Keeping up with scientific advances in zoo biology: new knowledge on a particular species and preserve their way of life may need to make significant changes in the area from time to time. 
Running the zoo: the zoo features older, like us all. Structural or mechanical defects in animal houses may mean that other areas should be adequate and taken down and repaired or completely rebuilt. 

Visitor needs: visitors to the animal enclosure to see the day given interesting information about animals and ecosystems. Zoo animals such as ambassadors for their species, to intercede for the protection of their habitat. 

Affordability: a very specialized area of animal structures is unique and requires adequate funding. Basel Zoo could from the budget does not provide their income and depends on gifts and donations. New landscaping can be built only when necessary funds are available. 

Domino Effect: Just Basel Zoo is located in the heart of city. Another place for it to expand there. If the area has been modified, moved or enlarged is a knock on effect of other areas and their inhabitants. Sometimes this means that animals with regard to the actual project will not directly be given to other zoos or been transferred. 
Vivarium - World Tour to explore different life 

And houses a rich variety of species - vivarium at the Basel Zoo is a surprise and discovery. Your weird and wonderful shapes marine, desert and rainforest life encounter. Simple creatures or strange colors, unspectacular at first glance, the attractive behavior indicates closer inspection. The aim of the vivarium is to show the species selected from the widest possible range of habitats for animals and families in order to show the diversity of life. Their representatives - and ambassadors for - countless millions of life forms and natural life that we must support and protect today. 

Nearly 400 different species in 70 tanks and terrariums of live vivarium. Once you have found and marveled at them all, you have covered 380 meters in distance, past a quarter of a million liters of water, walked around in a circle and has twice completed the world tour. Vivarium area visitors travel around the world - in high and low water. Trip starts in the center of Europe, led throughout the Mediterranean and the lakes of Africa to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. You descend to the coral reefs, go on a trip to Asia and the Amazon, and after passing through mangrove swamps and intertidal areas you back on dry land at the South Pole home of King and Gentoo penguins. Your tropical heat of deserts, steppes and dense forests with exotic reptiles and amphibians your step. 

Colorful water world 

In your vivarium plants and animals that may never before seen encounter. Variation is enormous. Children, especially by sea stars, snails and shrimp fascinated. They love watching Template Leopard sharks, jelly fish, transparent and colorful coral, penguins - so agile in the water - and crocodile lazily blinking. 
Apart from mammals, representatives of almost all major groups of animals live here, the majority being cool. No deep sea fish and large sharks, the animal of this kind to the wall or barrier, not in its natural state is used and the most part can not be compatible with its environment no longer there. No borders and oceans, the best place for them to live. 

Behind the scenes at the vivarium - what happens there? 

 Department vivarium seen by visitors constitutes only a quarter of all homes. 75 percent of the area out of sight. Behind the scenes in the vivarium is all hustle and bustle. This is where the perfect environment and climate for hundreds of animal and plant species is created. This is where all the equipment, critical infrastructure and facilities are: heating and cooling systems, climate control systems, filters, water and salt water treatment and production systems, workshops, food stores and spare parts stores. Countless fish and reptile species in a separate breeding and quarantine rooms, where sea horses give birth to young, their baby tortoises and tortoise eggs and coral reefs and marine plants grow upbringing. 


vivarium in 1972 after several years of construction opened. The realization of a dream long held dear by the Basel Zoo and many local people from having a large public aquarium. Small Aquariums made to the way the old ticket office back in 1942, but it was enough to satisfy big ambitions for the aquarium. vivarium widely present a milestone in the history of the Basel Zoo admire. Many of the ideas developed in different stages of the new aquarium was scheduled in the time. For example, water-world tour, guided or with visitors order through specific themes or geographical earth, was unknown at the time. Themed tours are now a standard feature of any good public aquarium. 

Aquarium Feeding style 

As we know very little about the natural feeding habits and diet of many species in the vivarium, any newcomer to become gradually more types of food are accustomed. A wide selection of different food vivarium for fish in there. It consists mainly of deep sea creatures frozen, but occasionally commercially available foods are used, or even live food. In order to breed successfully fish in the sea, "sea plankton" is laboriously grown as a food for the first time they are small larvae are feeding. Are fed three times a week in the vivarium, but some species should be given its own food daily or several times a week. 

Nutrition session on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays are 3:00 to 4:00 

Other information 

Basel Zoo is open to visitors 365 days a year 
January February, 8:00 to 5:30 pm 
March to April 8:00 to 18:00 
May, June, July, August 8:00 - 6:30 pm, 
Sept. .- Oct. 8:00 to 06:00 
November-December 8:00 to 05:30 pm 

Adopt a pet 

Do you have a favorite animal? We would be pleased if you decide to adopt one. If you do, your donation will cover costs to provide food and go up to keep the animals occupied and thereby you will be an important contribution to our work. Big thank you in advance on behalf of all our animals. 

Guided Tour 

Do you want to find out more about animals, about the work that goes behind the scenes, or on technical aspects of what our zoo? Contact us to arrange a guided tour. 

Children Birthdays 

Do you want your child's special birthday present? We offer children's birthday parties with special guided tours and afternoon tea for the group; to 10 children between the ages of 6 and 11 in a group. 


Subscriptions is a good idea if you are planning to make visits to the zoo a few years. More information service counters. 

Regular donations 

Basel Zoo is a nonprofit public limited company. In the partnership, funding and relies on Legacy thoroughly. Your visit and use our services support Basel Zoo. You can also book a guided tour, a party in the zoo restaurant or adopting an animal support. 

Friends of the Zoo - History Today 

Association of Friends of the Basel Zoological Garden was founded in 1919. This software grants provided by the zoo, for example to improve the construction and landscaping, for educational purposes, or bringing special publications. Users also have various activities, for example as a volunteer on board "Infomobile", brochure by mail, or by acting as Stewards on Sundays and public holidays. 

Users can send interesting and informative "Basel Zoo Magazine" twice a year. They participate in special guided tours and visiting other zoos. Membership also offers opportunities to communicate with like-minded individuals who support the practice of nature conservation worldwide. Join friends if you want to actively support the Basel Zoo

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