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Economy Fueled by Thanksgiving Travel Airfares

In regards to travel economy, good news is coming, as flights for Thanksgiving are supposed to supply an increase of 11.4 percent for 2010. With an estimated 40 million people for at least 50 miles from home this holiday season, tickets will be 20 to 30 per cent higher than last year.

According to Air Transport Association (ATA), the price to make a mile rose 14 percent compared to the same month in 2009. Tips for travelling economy include being flexible on travel days, when possible, usually on Sunday is the day to make more expensive and least expensive days are Tuesday,

Wednesday and Saturday. Morning flights are usually less expensive than the flights in the afternoon or evening. Another tip would be to make the actual holiday, Nov. 25, in this case, as you can get better prices. Fare surcharges for peak days will be days before and after Thanksgiving, November 19 to 24 and 26 to 29 November. One that will always add to travel economy is packing light and wondering about the rates of checked baggage.
It can be a hassle to find a place to travel for Thanksgiving, considering the capacity of the aircraft dropped 15 percent over the past two years, but hope is not lost. vacation travel should be robust, although not a defining year of all time.
According to ATA, the number of air passengers will rise 3.5 percent to 1.62 million in the period of holiday travel, Wednesday, November 24, to Sunday, November 28. An additional 800,000, or 2 percent, will travel by train and bus. After a year of minimal growth – 0.2 percent – Day trips in Turkey last year, and a 25.2 percent drop from holiday trips in 2008, the expected increase in double digits this Thanksgiving means an important improvement to the course of the global economy.

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